MERCRS Scoring

Mideast Regional Club Racing Series points are awarded for members who race under the following conditions:

  • Race must be USAT certified.

  • Must be between April 15th and November 1st.

  • Race must be in the region (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky).

  • The club must have 3% of the total roster at the race.

  • The club roster must be submitted at the beginning of each month.


The last two items on the list are important. For example, if you're not on the roster May 30th, then we can't score you at Maumee Bay in June. Also, since our club is over 300 members, we need at least 9 people to do the race.


You score double points if you are a USAT member, but we need your USAT number when we submit the score. Single day pass holders score too, just not as much.

A Mideast Club Champion is crowned at the end of each Season! Team Toledo has taken the title in 7 of the last 10 years!!

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